Mountain Dew B&B Killarney

How To Pass The Time

For so many reasons, Killarney is the ultimate base for touring in Ireland's spectacular Southwest.

It also has the world class hospitality facilities demanded by today's discerning traveller and the people of Killarney have a 250 year tourism tradition behind them, making their welcome and service professional as well as warm and friendly. ` Finally, in itself, Killarney Town & Valley is worthy of multiple day explorations whatever your interest e.g., spectacular landscapes, wildlife & wilderness, history & heritage, outdoor activities, dining and entertainment, wellness & wellbeing, and much, much more

Muckross House

A visit to Killarney is not complete without a visit to the world renowned Muckross House & Gardens. One of Ireland's most popular visitor attractions, this magnificent Victorian mansion was built in 1843 and forms the centrepiece of the equally renowned Killarney National Park. The nearby Muckross Traditional Farms are full working examples of rural life in the 1930's. Take a stroll down memory lane to a time before the advent of electricity, when all work was carried out using traditional methods.

A picture of muckross house

Boat Trips & Inisfallen

No visit to Killarney is complete without taking a boat trip on its famous and enchanting lakes. The visitor has a choice of organised group boating trips in open lake boats, group & independent trips on the all-weather luxury Lake Cruisers or, in 'self-propelled' rowing boats. One stop you should make is Inisfallen Island and its monastic ruins dating back to the 11th Century.

A Boat Trip

Ross Castle & Ross Island

Ross Castle is located on Ross Island, just a five minute drive from Mountain Dew B&B. Its human habitation history goes back some 9000 years with one of Europe's earliest Bronze Age Copper Mines dating back some 4500 years. A most informative and pleasant Mining & Nature Walking Trail takes you through the Island - allow c. 60-90 minutes.

A picture of muckross house

Ring of Kerry

The Ring of Kerry is the most renowned Day Tour in Ireland. Throughout its 110 miles, the visitor will travel around the MacGillicuddy Reeks and the Iveragh Peninsula, along the breathtaking Atlantic Coast, Dingle Bay and Kenmare Bay, returning to Killarney through the famed Molls Gap, Ladies View and Killarney National Park.

A picture of muckross house